Get To Know More About Champaran

Spices are synonymous with India. With its culinary history, diversity and cultural connect, spices have contributed to India’s unique identity for thousands of years. The spice box is an integral part of Indian cooking and it contains myriad spices which vary from region to region across the entire country. Every culinary tradition in India depends on the quality, freshness and aroma of spices which led a unique flavour to the dishes. Chefs and home cooks traverse far and wide looking for the best ingredients to add an extra dimension to their cooking.

Champaran Spices & Herbs India Private Limited is a manufacturer and supplier of authentic and genuine spices and blends meeting the satisfaction of the consumers. Indian Spices are herbs generally used in Ayurvedic Medicines and every pinch of the same brings wellness and help build immunity, while satisfying the taste buds of the food lovers. Keeping above factors in view the CSH group is committed and determined to bring back the old traditional flavours upon which everyone can rely over the authenticity, purity and genuinity of the spices served with the brand name of Champaran Spices.

We manufacture all types of spices and blends depending upon the regional tastes and flavours. We carefully check the quality of all types of spices, get them Lab tested and serve the fresh flavours to our customers.

Today, the Champaran brand offers an enviable range of whole, pure and blended spices, sprinklers for Indian dishes cuisine. The Champaran spices are rich in aroma, freshness and adhere to the highest quality standards which involve the best processes of production, packaging and delivery to customers.

Keeping in mind the health of our customers, we make a number of spices, which do not use any kind of chemicals or any kind of adulterated ingredients or colours.

deal with local suppliers and distributors, Government Suppliers ensuring delivery to the last door of our end consumers, across every state, town/village, big or small, far and remote.

Why Champaran Spices


Chemical free products good for you and your family


Made by artisans and entrepreneurs not in factories


Carefully selected products including handmade and organic